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the Zombie Survival Experience

This is the main development page for the Zombie Survival Experiecne. As the insperation may have came from several mods and differnt video games such as Dayz, dynamic zombie sandbox,dead island , L4D, fallout. dayz was the only one that took the survival aspect into consideration (this excludes fallouts hardcore mode) but after awhile thats all its about, loot , hoard , repeat till you have too much to know what to to with and either go kill because your board or give your stuff away and quit for awhile, and the rest of the games are just a shoot fest.

well i aim to change that, i want to make this the most uniqe and realistic zombie mod/game around. i want to make it easy to set up you own server and have it anyway you want and make it as customized as you want. and thats just as an admin.

As a player you will experience the apocalypse as it was ment to be, no more killing everything you see because now you need friends to survive, from being infected with the virus, the limited amount of weapons, ammo, food and water you will need to make friends. On top of that there will be a currency system of somekind along with building a base after you aquire the funds or investing in a shop or home in an allready exsisting town. staying alive and finding a place to be safe and call home in this hellish world you now live in. there will still be bandits but not as many seeing as they will want to stay on a towns good side if would like to enter it without being shot on sight by the AI guards.

there will be a large amount of clothing to find for customization options , along with a skill system of somesort so people will have to work up to being able to heal, fix, hunt, and fly more effciently.

more will be revealed once we develop this mod more

when this is finished i hope its more of an insperation then a success.


Server IP: on the DayzRP site

Teamspeak:   on the DayRP site    

our development room is there and once the ZSE server is up we will have channels for that


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